The Art of Robert Markey

Over the years my artwork has taken many forms - drawing, sculpture, painting, video, performance/theater and mixed-media/mixed-genre. This page has links to much of my work.



murals and mosaics

artwork on domestic violence and trafficking

Thoughts and Sounds from New England a music show

Fun video I made: The Sewer Grate

A love story written by Beth Ann Bezio which I illustrated
Why Do You Weep?

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A story written by Elizabeth LaFond Coppez which I illustrated
Farley the Hippity Hoppity Goat

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A Children's story written by Ellen Hirsch de Haan which I illustrated
Magic Joe!

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A true story written by Lynne Guyette which I illustrated
Jesse's Duck Story

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A book of my artwork of women from around the world with statistics on violence against women and facts about the extraordinary things women have done
See the Beauty End the Violence

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Poems and drawings from my travels in Brazil
Poems from Brazil

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A book of drawings I did in Tamil Nadu, India in 2012 with poetic descriptions of ragas
10 Days in India

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A children's book (children of all ages) which I did the illustrations for back in 1970!
Long story but finally here it is, a collaboration with Ellen, a friend from then.
Elephants, Aardvarks and Me

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Book on the mosaic work with the kids in Brazil by Julie and Robert
Legal! (Cool!): Kids Making Mosaics in Brazil

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Web version of the book at Legal! web book

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Some Links:

A really good story in the Greenfield Recorder about the SAFE? exhibit --- to the SAFE? story
M'Lop Tapang is an amazing organization working with street kids in Sihanoukvillle, Cambodia.
Check out their website: M'Lop Tapang

Greenfield Glass has been very generous in donating 1/4" mirror for use in the mosaics
so if you need glass, go see them. Greenfield Glass